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May 08, 2018 2 min read

American Custom's 2018 Car & Bike Show!
Date: Saturday, May 26th 2018
Location :1799 Apollo Circle, Seal Beach

*Shifts into third gear*

vooRRR, vooRRR, vooRRRRRRR.......!!!!

"Damn, I Need to show this off.

Attention to all gear heads that have spent countless hours, customizing and building that junker into your most prized possession - all that time is about to be paid off! Now is the time to show your beauts. Our headquarters located on Apollo Drive in Seal Beach will be magically transformed into an asphalt wonderland littered with cars, bikes, and a buzzing community of hobbyists and enthusiasts. Our show is welcomed to all types of cars - from exotic newlings and classic, restored oldies to flawless show cars and rusty rods! So get those babies prepped and ready for flaunting. And the best part about this? Registration is free.

Yes, FREE.


As we turn our headquarters into a gearhead oasis, we're making sure we'll have a little bit of something for the whole family. Alongside cars will be plenty of games such as the beloved classic, cornhole and even basketball pick-up games. And since we're hosting this show as a way to bring together the community and families, it's only mandatory that we include a few Mom & Pop food trucks to join us too. So foodies, families, and participants unite - grab a snack, maybe play some cornhole, and gaze in awe as we're positive everyone is going to enjoy what will be presented at our American Customs Car & Bike show for 2018!


We'll be having Affliction models and some of our photographers roam the grounds, taking pictures of every participating vehicles (with our models of course)! And if you're wondering, yes, you're more than welcome to keep the photos. Think of them as a token of appreciation for participating in our event! So don't worry about taking that "perfect Instagram" picture, we've got you completely covered.


Secondly, all participating vehicles will be given the chance to win prizes! Each car will be subcategorized and be given a chance ot win exclusive Affliction prizes for each respective category. Us at Affliction will be judging all the entries and will be handing out special prizes. Trust us, it'll be badass (plus everything is better as a surprise).


Lastly, don't forget to check out our store! The store will be open for the car show and we'll be having special, exclusive deals and discounts for this event only.

We'll have something for everyone!


So reserve the date and come join the fun! Saturday, May 26th.

1799 Apollo Court, Seal Beach, California 90740

10AM - 2PM | PST

If you're interested in participating, please feel free to send an email to arogers@afflictionclothing.com

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