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February 17, 2016 3 min read


Affliction’s Living Legends collection celebrates the game changers who have transformed their world; it honors the leaders who challenge norms, break conventions, and change the landscape. Every life tells a story, but few become Living Legends. Each vintage garment in the collection is a commemorative piece of art with the quality, fit and finishes exclusive to Affliction.
We are proud to announce two additions to the collection. We have partnered with arguably the “Greatest Fighter of All time” Anderson “The Spider” Silva and the man who started it all way back in 1993 Royce Gracie! It is a huge honor to collaborate with two of the most influential fighters in MMA History and work with them directly to create a design that embodied the passion they have displayed throughout their careers.

Royce Gracie

Royce Gracie is a lifelong martial artist that has been perfecting his craft for as long as he was able to walk. Royce gained worldwide popularity winning the UFC tournament Titles on 3 different occasions, facing multiple much larger opponents in one night! With a career that begins with the invention of the sport, it’s exciting to imagine we will get to witness his abilities yet again at the age of 49 years young, nearly 23 years after his debut. Royce will make what is “most likely” his last walk to the cage this Friday, February 19th at Bellator MMA to face his nemesis Ken Shamrock! Regardless of the outcome, Royce’s Legendary status is cemented in MMA history with countless accomplishments including a 6th degree Black belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu, 3 UFC tournament Titles, most submission victories in UFC, UFC Hall of Fame Inductee, Longest fight in UFC History (36 minutes), and Longest fight in Pride history, lasting an astounding 90 minutes! It can be argued that Royce is the reason this sport is what it is today. Thank you for your endless dedication and passion to your craft!


Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva’s name comes up with any discussion that includes who is the Greatest MMA fighter of all time. Anderson started his career in 1997 at just 22 years old and he returns to the cage February 27th to face Michael Bisping, at the age of 40. To still be fighting on the worlds biggest stage against the elite at 40 years old is an accomplishment any one would be proud of. This feat is just one of many Anderson has accumulated over the years. He holds countless records including UFC Middleweight Champion, Pride FC welterweight Champion, most consecutive title defenses (9), most finishes in UFC history (9), most consecutive wins in UFC history (16), most Knockout of the night awards (7), Highest significant strike accuracy (67.8%), and longest title reign of 2457 days to name a few! His lightning quick reflexes and innovative style was a puzzle no one was able to figure out for years. Most would say father time would be the only person to defeat him. His fights were a series of highlight reels we watch over and over again today in awe! We look forward to witnessing this greatness as long as he graces us inside the cage!

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