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January 30, 2020 4 min read

Adding a Definitive Edge to Your Style

If you’re a thrill-seeker who likes living on the edge, there’s a good chance you’ve spent some time on a motorcycle. Either that or you’re planning on it. If you're planning on it, you're probably going to need some motorcycle gear. It can be tough to come up with an outfit that’s comfortable for the ride while still showcasing your distinct vibe. 

At Affliction Clothing, we aren’t rule-followers. The men and women who rock our clothes are risk-takers. If you’re looking for cool motorcycle outfits that’ll add a definitive edge to your style, you’ve come to the right place. Consider this as a guide for finding the right riding gear that’ll fit with your style. You’ll be saying "let's ride" in no time.  

Cool Motorcycle Outfits

At its core, motorcycle fashion is all about safety and practicality. The culture celebrates living dangerously, and leather plays a huge part in motorcycle fashion. It typically is considered as body armor for riding on the road. The reason for this is because it protects your skin if you crash. But aside from the safety it offers, when someone walks into a bar wearing a leather jacket and holding a bike helmet under their arm, they look effortlessly cool. 

Another key element of motorcycle outfits is a vintage look. Whether you rock brand-new threads or clothing that was made decades ago, at least a couple of pieces should appear worn. The idea is to present an authentic vibe. You should look like you’ve spent some time on the road as if the clothes on your back have been everywhere with you.


When it comes to cool motorcycle outfits, leather is essential. Whether you opt for a jacket, lace-up boots, or gloves, at least one piece of leather is needed for curating a biker look. Some dedicated motorcyclists wear jeans with protective leather features. Black leather is the most popular for motorcyclists, but brown, gray, and distressed options work, too. Fringed leather is also timeless, and it can add an edge to your ensemble.


Denim is another staple for motorcycle wear. Ripped, distressed, and dark-wash denim are all perfect for a bold look on the road. Both jeans and denim jackets are a great choice, but they’re not quite as protective as leather. So, if you’re going to be riding a motorcycle, you’ll have to keep safety in mind. With jeans, go for a slim fit, straight leg, or boot cut. Relaxed fits will work best, but avoid jeans that are too baggy. Loose-fitting jeans are less practical.


The shoes you wear have a lot to say about who you are and leather boots are one of them. Leather boots are a must-have piece to add to any edgy wardrobe. As a slight alternative, a lot of motorcyclists wear leather or canvas lace-up or slip-on sneakers. If you do opt for these types of shoes over boots, we recommend a high-top style to support your ankles while you’re on the road. 


When you’re finding an outfit that fits well with your style and bike, the right accessories will finish the look. A helmet and leather gloves are your first go-to’s. A motorcycle full-face helmet provides a bold statement. The color, visor tint, and any added embellishments represent the personality of the rider. Aside from that, bandanas can be tied around your neck, wrist, or head. Leather belts, satchels, and sunglasses are also solid accessory choices.

T-Shirts For Motorcycle Riders

Underneath a biker jacket, the shirt you choose is a critical part of the gear you wear. Button-down shirts and t-shirts are neutral, but we recommend making a statement. If you’re someone who lives on the wild side and rides a motorcycle, you likely know what are graphic t-shirts or already own some cool men's shirts. As a motorcycle rider, graphic t-shirts mean All-American with an edge. And to figure out how to style your graphic t-shirt best to match motorcycle, think of screen-printed shirts. Opt for eagles, roses, wings, skulls, snakes, and American flags. 

If you’re looking for a more neutral shirt that still has character, subtle tie-dye and pre-faded monochrome are good options. Black and other dark colors are prime choices, but a white t-shirt under a black leather jacket is a classic look that will flatter anyone.

Your outfit should be a mix of standout pieces and neutral basics. So, pick a couple of statement items that fit your style, such as a shirt, helmet, or bandana, and build your ensemble from there.

Graphic Tees From Affliction Clothing

Affliction Clothing is passionate about creating distinct threads that allow you to stand out in a crowd or on the road. Whether it’s what to wear to a rock concert or finding the best motorcycle outfit, we got you covered. From bomber and textile jackets to boots to jeans, we have the types of clothing that make for perfect motorcycle gear and will show you live on the wild side. At the core, we care about quality clothing that makes a statement. As a community of individuals, we embrace our afflictions and push the boundaries of fashion.

Check out our impressive selection of motorcycle t-shirts. You’ll find a wide range of short-sleeve and cool long-sleeve graphic t-shirts with All-American screen prints and patterns. We also carry button-downs, hoodies, jeans, accessories, and outerwear, including both faux and genuine leather jackets. Perfect apparel for your next motorcycling adventure.

At Affliction Clothing, we operate on the notion that although every man dies, not every man truly lives. Bikers are known for embracing this concept. So, start shopping for your motorcycle outfit today so you can hit the road in style.

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