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January 02, 2020 4 min read

Edgy Long-Sleeve Shirts To Wear During The Winter

Winter has arrived, and with it comes a whole new set of wardrobe requirements. Depending on where you live, you might be dealing with snow, heavy rainfall, or just super-cold temps. If your personal style is daring and bold, you might be wondering how to pull off this look through the colder months.

So, is it possible to still look edgy and cool, even during the coldest months of the year? Believe it or not, it is. At Affliction Clothing, we’re risk-takers in the world of fashion. Our boundary-pushing threads are made from high-quality materials that provide warmth when you need it most. From edgy long sleeve shirts to grungy winter accessories, keep reading for our take on statement wintertime outfits. 

Edgy and Cool Wintertime Outfits

It’s a lot easier to craft an edgy look in the summer. Usually, all you need is a short-sleeve tee or a tank and a pair of streetwear shorts. Winter ensembles, on the other hand, call for a few additional pieces. And when you’re dealing with extra layers of clothing, it can be tough to piece it all together to create the look you want. These cold-weather style tips will help you figure out how to execute the edgy vibe you’re going for.

Build Around Your Jacket

Sometimes when you put on an outfit in the winter, your jacket can end up throwing everything off. That’s why we recommend starting with outerwear and curating your ensemble around it.

Denim jackets and leather coats are super versatile pieces. They both provide a look that’s timeless yet daring. Leather is a notably warm material that should provide you with sufficient heat. Leather jackets are also perfect for motorcycle outfits and are bound to keep you warm and protected as you hit the road. However, with a jean jacket, you might want to get one with sherpa lining or layer a hoodie underneath.

Other badass jackets include a bomber jacket, military coat, waxed canvas jacket, or utility coat. If you’re dealing with sub-zero weather, you might have to go for a down jacket or parka. Once you have your outerwear picked out, you can build the rest of your outfit from there.

Layer Warm Shirts for Winter

Next, it’s time to select your shirt (or shirts). This is where you can make your outfit stand out from the pack, so be sure to choose something that speaks to you. Winter is all about layering, and it starts with shirts.

Graphic tees and printed shirts are great for showcasing your personal style, and they’re also perfect for layering. You can layer two full sleeve t-shirts for men on top of each other or wear a bad ass t-shirt over a tattoo long-sleeve shirt. Button-down shirts are also ideal for layering in the winter. Wear one over an oversized shirt and keep it buttoned, or unbutton it so the design on your tee is visible. 

Opt for Jeans

One way to adhere to a rebellious look during the chilly season is to opt for jeans over other pant styles. Black and ripped urban denim are inherently edgy, and they go with basically any outfit. Faded, distressed, and dark-wash jeans are also solid choices. And although it’s seasonless, denim is one of the warmest materials for pants.

Of course, you might not want to wear jeans every day throughout the winter. If you want to mix it up, go for black or dark-colored chinos. Waxed canvas or utility pants will work, too.

Rock Some Boots or High-Tops

Boots are a winter wardrobe staple for both men and women. They look good on everyone, they’re versatile, and most importantly, they’re warm. For men, we’re big fans of leather combat boots, wing-tip lace-ups, Chelsea boots, and duck boots. For women, mid-calf and over-the-knee styles are excellent for winter, but Chelsea boots, heeled booties, and shearling lace-ups are also great cold-weather picks.

Another footwear option is to wear high-top sneakers. They won’t provide quite the same level of warmth as boots, but they’re still warmer than most shoes because they cover your ankles. Consider simple flat-soled lace-up tennis shoes or high-top trainers, both of which are associated with alternative fashion. Neutral colors will go with more outfits and still allow you to express your character.

Cold-Weather Accessories

Don’t forget cold-weather accessories. We’re talking hats, scarves, bandanas, and gloves. In terms of hats, billed caps can be worn year-round, but beanies are a winter must-have that present an effortlessly cool vibe. We also love leather or fingerless knit gloves for winter as well as printed bandanas. If you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd, watches go a long way, and they can be worn at any time of year.

Edgy Long-Sleeve Shirts from Affliction Clothing

At Affliction Clothing, we embrace our afflictions and lead with an assertion. Our unique men’s clothing is designed for alphas who are rough around the edges. If you’re on the hunt for winter threads that are anything but polished, you’ve come to the right place.

When you explore our alternative men's clothing, you’ll find a wide range of warm shirts for winter, including edgy men's long-sleeve shirts and men’s button-down shirts. We also carry outerwear, cool shirts for men, short-sleeve tees, accessories, watches, and several styles of denim pants.

Browse our alternative fashion for men & cool women's clothing. Start building your cool, wintertime wardrobe today.

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