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March 04, 2020 6 min read 1 Comment

How to Roll a Casual Rock Look

Edgy fashion and rock music go hand in hand. Both present effortless coolness and allow you to embrace your personality. But if you tend to be more chill than intense, can you still sport a rocker look without going over the top? As a matter of fact, you can.

If you’re into the rock look, but want to stay under the radar, Affliction Clothing has you covered. We’re passionate about leaning into our afflictions, including both the loudest and most laid back aspects of our personalities. Here’s how to roll a casual rock look, no matter where you’re going.

Nail the Rock and Roll Casual Vibe

Your relaxed demeanor can blend effortlessly with rocker attire — you just have to know where to start. The best way to begin brainstorming your look is by considering the occasion. 

Are you going to a rock show at a huge venue, to a music festival, or to see a band play a gig at a local bar? Or maybe you’re just wondering what to wear for an everyday casual rock look or how to nail rock and roll casual street style. Keep reading to discover casual rocker outfits for every occasion.

Classic Rock Show

Let’s say you’re going to a rock concert at an indoor music venue. To achieve a casual rock look that’s not too bold, start with the basics. We’re talking jeans (ripped or regular), a t-shirt, and simple shoes — a classic ensemble that looks good on both men and women. It’s about dressing the part but not drawing too much attention to yourself.

Graphic shirts and band tees are always a great choice for a rock show, but plain t-shirts will work, too. For your shoes, we recommend grabbing a pair of basic white or black high- or low-top sneakers or some Chelsea boots. For outerwear, a leather jacket is a solid option. But if you think you’ll get hot inside, a simple flannel or hoodie will do. (You can tie it around your waist when you take it off.)

Depending on the genre of the show you’re going to, you can tweak the look to adhere to the theme. For example, if it’s a metal concert, casual rock attire might include more black pieces and one or two studded accessories. If you’re heading to a grunge or punk show, you might want to wear ripped denim or tights and a plaid flannel.

Intimate Music Venue

With smaller gigs that take place at bars, pubs, or other intimate venues, you won’t be dealing with a large crowd and blending in with a mob of people. For this reason, your fashion choices hold a little more weight. But don’t worry — it’s still easy to execute the perfect rock and roll casual attire look. 

Small gigs are inherently casual events. In fact, those who go all out with a head-to-toe rocker outfit might actually stick out. So, if you’re leaning toward laid back garb, you’re already on the right track. Think about what you’d wear to a bar if there weren’t music playing.

If you tend to go for jeans or chinos, go ahead and rock those. For women, find your favorite skirt or black skinny jeans, and construct your outfit from there. Next, go for a graphic tee or long-sleeve shirt. Oversized shirts are in for both men and women right now, and they pair well with fitted pants. To round out this chill ensemble, consider a denim or leather jacket, zip-up hoodie, or a button-down top — something lightweight that you’re comfortable wearing indoors over a t-shirt.

Outdoor Concert or Music Festival

Donning a casual rock look to an outdoor concert or music festival won’t be that different than going to an indoor venue, except that you’ll need to keep the weather in mind. Depending on the season and particular climate you’re in, you could be dealing with the blazing sun during the day and a 20-degree drop in the temp at night. On the other hand, it might be overcast and 60 °F all day and not that different in the evening. 

In any case, the weather is unpredictable, even if you check it beforehand. That’s why it’s best to be prepared for a few different scenarios. Typically, the key to dressing for an outdoor show is layering. Select pieces you can take off and stash in a backpack or tie around your waist — or throw on if it gets cold later. On that note, if your favorite rocker jacket is on the bulkier side, you might want to leave it at home

For your top, the layers we recommend are a tank top, band tee, button-down shirt, and a coat. Jeans are an ideal choice for most concerts, including those at outdoor venues. That being said, if it’s too hot to wear pants during the day, shorts will work, too. Just make sure you have enough top layers to keep you warm after sundown.

Also, while you might be tempted to wear sandals to an outdoor concert, you could regret it if your foot gets stomped on in the pit. Go for comfortable shoes you know will get you through several hours of walking, standing, and rocking out. Another piece you may want to consider for this casual rock concert outfit is a hat. It’ll keep the sun out of your eyes during sunset and throughout the day while also lending to your chill yet edgy vibe.

Everyday Casual Rock Look

So, what if you don’t have any concerts on the calendar and are just going for an everyday casual rock look? This is what many refer to as rock and roll street style, and it’s all about expressing your unique personality, even if you have nowhere to go.

For everyday casual rocker outfits, you can kind of go any direction. Similar to the concert looks above, you’ll want to give off a moody, grungy vibe without looking like you’re trying too hard. Start with pants or a skirt. Black and blue jeans are always approved for rocker attire, and there’s nothing more casual than distressed denim. For women, jean skirts are an excellent choice for a rocker-chick look, but we also love solid-colored leggings.

With looser-fitting bottoms, a regular tee will do. Oversized button-downs also look on-point with leggings, skinny jeans, or fitted pants on both men and women. Denim and leather jackets are always on-trend, but for something a little less obvious, consider a long trench coat, waxed-canvas jacket, or a utility coat. You could even wear a blazer with a t-shirt and jeans for a dapper, chic touch.

Winter Casual Rock Look

Cold-weather casual rocker outfits can be just as effortlessly cool as any other ensemble, but you have to figure out a way to stay warm. There’s nothing cool about being uncomfortable and shivering because you’re not dressed for winter weather. 

We realize that sometimes when you have an outfit picked out, your outerwear can ruin the whole look. That’s why we recommend beginning with a weather-appropriate coat and building your outfit around it.

If it’s freezing outside, you’ll probably have to go for a parka, a wool coat, or a down jacket. However, if you’re not dealing with sub-zero temps, you have a little more leeway. A trench, raincoat, fleece- or sherpa-lined denim jacket, a bomber, and of course, leather coats are all in line with a casual rocker look.

Underneath your outerwear, layer your shirts. Go for a cool long-sleeve t-shirt (maybe even layered on top of a short-sleeve shirt), and throw on a button-down on top. Denim and canvas are some of the warmest materials for pants, so you don’t need to do anything special for your bottoms.

For shoes, ankle boots are probably your best bet, as they’ll keep your feet the warmest. High-top sneakers can also work, as long as you’re wearing warm socks and don’t plan to step in any puddles. As for accessories, beanies are a cold-weather must-have, but a billed hat might work if it’s not too cold out. Scarves, bandanas, and gloves can also keep you warm while still complying with the theme of your ensemble.

Shop Casual Rock Attire from Affliction 

If you identify with rock and roll fashion but aren’t into making bold statements, you can fine-tune your personal style in a way that works for you. At Affliction, we lead with contention and challenge the status quo. For some, this means breaking the rules of typical rocker fashion and channeling a more low-key look.

Our original threads are inspired by those who go against the grain and live alternative lifestyles. When you browse men’s and women’s apparel from Affliction, you’ll find tons of casual rock attire for any occasion and every season. This includes short-sleeve tees, long-sleeves, cool button up shirts, tank tops, outerwear, denim, and accessories. We’re confident you’ll find several stylish pieces that speak to you.

Join the Affliction movement and start curating your casual rock outfit today.

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Omar mc bass
Omar mc bass

February 22, 2021

Greetings, I’m Musician, play the electric BASS and guitar. I love rock, i play rock and your ideas for a PERFECT rocker look are amazing! Gonna change my wardrobe for sure. Rock on!

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