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March 04, 2020 3 min read

Rock N Roll Street Style to Own the Block

Street style is all about incorporating various aspects of fashion, including mainstream and runway-inspired pieces from different eras into your wardrobe. Instead of dressing for a particular occasion, streetwear is everyday attire. It’s what you wear when you have no idea what the day holds. 

With that said, your lifestyle and personality heavily influence your street style fashion. Are you a skater, biker, artist, or storyteller? Your persona should shine through with your streetwear. Maybe you’re a rocker, in which case you’ve come to the right place. Consider this your guide to nailing your individual rock ‘n roll streetwear.

Start with Jeans

For an everyday rocker look, we recommend starting with jeans. Virtually everyone owns at least one pair, and they truly never go out of style. Ripped, distressed, and faded denim give off a laid back, effortless appeal. Regular jeans also work with rock and roll attire, but generally, you’ll want to avoid clothes that look brand new.

Both blue and black denim are ideal for streetwear. In terms of cut, skinny jeans are a great choice for both men and women, but bootleg and other relaxed fits are also solid options.

It’s All About Graphic Tees

Graphic t-shirts reign in the world of rock ‘n roll street style fashion. Whether it’s a vintage printed tee, a band t-shirt, or a rock-inspired graphic shirt from Affliction Clothing, you can’t go wrong when you pair one with jeans.

With streetwear, almost anything goes. We’re talking oversized tees, cut-off sleeves, crop-top t-shirts, fitted tees, and tattoo-print shirts. What style are you most comfortable wearing? What’s the most flattering on your frame? What printed image best represents your personality? Remember that rocker street style is about expressing your truest self, and go with a shirt that speaks to you.

Simple Tees Work, Too

If graphic tees aren’t your thing, no problem. With rock ‘n roll street style, simple t-shirts in plain colors are great, too. Think of the iconic style of James Dean, best known for rocking a pair of dark-wash jeans with a plain white tee.

Aside from solid-colored shirts, you might also consider a faded tie-dye t-shirt or a distressed, monochrome tee. With regard to cut, crew-neck and V-neck tees are excellent options. We also appreciate the look of an oversized t-shirt in a solid color.

Grab a Flannel

When it comes to rock and roll attire, a flannel button-down shirt is a staple. It nods to the grunge era, which included a cultural movement of both rock music and fashion. 

To exude an authentic grunge look, opt for a plaid button-down shirt. Wear it unbuttoned over a graphic or plain t-shirt. With an oversized flannel, you might try fastening the bottom few buttons or buttoning it all the way to the top. Another option is to tie it around your waist — a classic grunge rocker chic style.

Nail Your Outerwear

Street style is what you wear when you go out. While you might not be literally hanging out on the sidewalk, your ensemble should usually be outdoor-ready. For this reason, selecting the right outerwear is essential for your rock and roll streetwear look. Having said that, there are many routes you can take here. Your choice for outerwear will ultimately depend on where you’re headed, the weather, and the overall theme of your outfit.

If it’s not freezing outside, you might be able to get away with nothing more than a flannel button-down shirt, a hoodie, a lightweight denim jacket, or a blazer. On the other hand, with chillier temps, you’ll need to wear something a little warmer. A black leather jacket is an obvious choice, but that’s not your only option. Aside from a leather jacket, our favorite cold-weather coats for rock ‘n roll street style are military-style jackets, bombers, trucker jackets, utility coats, and flight jackets.

Finish with Footwear

Shoes are an essential part of every ensemble, and they shouldn’t be overlooked. To complete the look, we recommend wearing sneakers or ankle boots. Flat-soled, low-top trainers, high-top lace-up tennis shoes, and slip-on sneakers are all excellent choices. If you’re more of a boot person, go for heavy-duty combat boots, Chelsea boots, wing-tips, or duck boots. 

Rock and Roll Attire from Affliction Clothing

When you shop for rock and roll attire from Affliction Clothing, you’ll find tons of men’s and women’s apparel with edgy designs and high-quality craftsmanship. From t-shirts, button-downs, and hoodies to denim, outerwear, and accessories, we have it all. Our clothes are inspired by thrill-seekers, rockers, and those who express themselves through fashion. 

Check out our alternative fashion collections today.


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