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November 19, 2019 6 min read 1 Comment

Pushing The Envelope of What’s Possible With Short Sleeve Tees

For several decades, graphic t-shirts have been worn by both men and women to express their personal style. By providing people with an outlet to celebrate an image printed on the fabric, graphic shirts are a form of wearable art that can be inspired by virtually anything or anyone.

At Affliction Clothing, we believe in quality craftsmanship and know what goes into designing superior graphic t-shirts. Our dedication to creating unique, wearable designs is what sets us apart. Find out more about our passion for creating distinguishable threads and the significance of printed clothing in the world of fashion.

What Are Graphic T-Shirts?

So, what are graphic t-shirts, exactly? Simply put, graphic tees are printed shirts with some sort of design or graphic. Prints are typically displayed on the front, but many graphic shirts have images on the back, sides, or all over the material. The graphic can be printed with a silkscreen or sometimes embroidered into the material. Graphic tees are most often short-sleeve, but long-sleeve printed shirts are also common.

Did you know that industrial workers wore the very first graphic clothing items? They were created to represent the company they worked for, often bearing a trademark. During World War II, some members of the military began wearing shirts printed with an image of their unit’s badge. Over the last century, graphic t-shirts have evolved into a popular trend that, in most instances, has nothing to do with a person’s job or affiliation. 

Graphic T-Shirts Design

Now, several types of graphic shirts are worn, including concert tees, branded shirts, and art-inspired printed designs. You can wear them to make a bold statement, setting the tone for your overall style. When you wear a graphic t-shirt, you’re telling the world about your personality.

Graphic tees are an essential clothing item that every man and woman should own. While it’s important to have a substantial collection of basics in your wardrobe, printed shirts will allow you to showcase your personal style and day-to-day mood. Wearing a printed tee is a great way to include a pop of color, texture, or some edgy detailing to an outfit.

While most people can appreciate the look of a graphic shirt, many aren’t quite sure what to wear them with or how to style them. Traditionally, graphic t-shirts have been viewed as casual articles of clothing. Believe it or not, you can style graphic shirts many ways, and they look good on both men and women of virtually any age.

Styling Graphic Shirts

Today’s graphic tees are sophisticated, laid-back, and cool all at the same time. If your personal aesthetic is relaxed and bold, printed t-shirts should be one of your staples.

One of the best things about graphic t-shirts is that they aren’t seasonal. You can wear them anytime of year. Printed tees can be worn year-round, no matter how warm or cold it is outside. So, you can rock a short-sleeve graphic tee all spring and summer. Are you wondering what to wear a rock concert that could be outside in the winter? Well, then when the weather starts cooling down, you can opt for long-sleeve t-shirts or layer one underneath a short-sleeve shirt. Perfect for any occasion, any season. 

How to Find the Right Fit

Figuring out how to style graphic t-shirts can be tricky, but its gets easier once you find the right fit for you, as finding the right fit is one of the most important aspects of successfully styling a graphic tee. Since printed shirts have a casual reputation, it’s easy to assume they’re all the same or that any t-shirt will do. However, getting one that fits properly is critical. You can find printed tees in several cuts and styles, some of which will be more flattering than others.

Some of the most common cuts include fitted, box-cut, and muscle tees. Popular styles are crewneck, v-neck, and long-sleeve. We recommend trying a few different cuts and styles to see what looks best on your build.

Body types vary, and people have individual preferences. That said, baggy cuts tend to be less flattering on most people. With a fitted tee, just make sure it’s not too tight. It should feel comfortable and shouldn’t stretch very much when you wear it. Another thing to take into account is length. Your t-shirt shouldn’t be too long or too short. Opt for a shirt that sits right at your hips, a few inches lower than your belt loops.

Choose Your Denim

Printed tees can be worn with jeans which is a classic go-to look. Semi-dressy trousers can look great with a graphic tee if the rest of your look is casual. On women, graphic t-shirts also look great with shorts.

Select Your Shoes

When it comes to styling graphic t-shirts, choosing the right shoes is crucial. Printed shirts pair well with simple tennis shoes in black, white, or another neutral color. Both low-top and high-top sneakers will work, but flat-soled slip-ons or lace-up shoes are ideal.

If you want to wear shoes that are a step above casual, go for oxfords, chukkas, or Chelsea boots. All three styles can be dressed up or down and look good with graphic tees. Lace-up leather boots are another solid choice to wear with a printed shirt.

Consider Outerwear

Selecting the right outerwear is another vital step in styling graphic t-shirts. While you have a wide range of options, some of the best outerwear choices are denim jackets, leather coats, zip-up hoodies, button-down shirts, and blazers. 

Denim jackets never go out of style –– and for a good reason! They’re a classic outerwear item that complements almost any look. Similarly, a leather jacket presents an edgy and effortless vibe that will always look good over a graphic t-shirt. For a more casual appearance, we recommend a hoodie or a button-down shirt. Button-downs and hoodies pair well with graphic tees, no matter the season.

Blazers and sports jackets can be paired with printed shirts for a sharp yet laid-back look. Whatever outerwear you choose, just make sure the print or detailing is subtle to avoid clashing with your t-shirt.

How to Wear a Graphic Tee With a Suit

Sometimes, t-shirts are substituted for dress shirts when men wear suits. This is a look that’s not too formal and not too casual, a dress code that comes up relatively often. While simple t-shirts in solid colors are most commonly worn underneath suit jackets, a graphic tee can also work––as long as you know how to style it.

If you want to wear a graphic t-shirt with a semi-dressy ensemble, you have to balance out the laid-back vibe of the shirt. For example, if you opt for more fitted denim and a blazer with a printed tee, you should wear simple trainers or slip-on sneakers. This will offset the casual top and balance the outfit as a whole.

The best way to style a graphic t-shirt is to build your outfit around it. Your shirt should be the item that makes a statement, and the rest of your clothes should complement that piece. Opt for solid colors in neutral shades for your shoes and outerwear. Then pick one or two accessories to finish the look.

Graphic Tees From Affliction Clothing

At Affliction Clothing, our mission is to create high-quality clothing that allows you to set yourself apart from the pack. We embody our afflictions and maintain an unyielding passion for pushing the limits of fashion. By rejecting the words, “I can’t,” we lead with authority and innovation. Our clothing represents this conviction.

When you shop for graphic tees from Affliction Clothing, you’ll find a massive selection of statement shirts for both men and women. We carry short-sleeve and long-sleeve options as well as button-downs, hoodies, and tanks. In addition to shirts, Affliction Clothing has a wide range of accessories, including hats, bandanas, bags, and watches, all proudly made in the U.S.

Affliction Clothing’s dedication to greatness distinguishes us from other brands. Our inspiration is drawn from the daring, the bold, and the audacious. We believe that although every man dies, not every man truly lives. That’s why we embrace the fast life, celebrating risks along the way. Our afflictions fuel us and allow us to see past the chaos to recognize exceptional art and design.

Whether you’re an everyday printed t-shirt wearer or just like to rock one every once in a while, or maybe you just want some cool motorcycle outfits to go with your ride, Affliction Clothing has you covered. From unique graphic tee designs with heavy detailing to subtle prints and go-to styles, we have it all. With a variety of bold collections and unique men's clothing, we’re confident you’ll find something that reflects your vibe. Start browsing today!

For brand updates and more ideas on how to style graphic tees, follow Affliction Clothing on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

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