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Affliction Official AfterParty at Ozzfest meets Knotfest

Posted on 05 October 2016

For the first time in history, OzzFest came together with Knotfest to create the biggest Metal festival the US has ever seen… OzzFest Meets Knotfest!

ozzfest meets knotfest 

It took place at the San Manuel Amphitheater in dusty and windy San Bernardino under the hot California desert sun.

I was honored and super stoked to be the main emcee from Friday night to Sunday night, and everywhere I went so did Affliction!  We got to park our RV next the main entrance and right in the same area where the monster trucks and motorcycle stunt performances were taking place all weekend.

Besides running around introducing bands on stage, I was trying to organize, direct and manage a massive #TacoMetalParty that we were throwing on Saturday night for all the bands, crew, and VIPs who got lucky invite to come by after Black Sabbath’s final ever California performance.  It was extremely stressful to host and be in charge of the party, but with the help of my close friends we were able to get shit done!


We got many opportunities throughout the weekend to fire off Affliction shirts from powerful T-shirt cannons, and of course I had our hot lady friends firing them off, check out my wife Melissa going nuts on top of a monster truck tire!  She makes me proud!


In addition Fear Factory / Asesino guitarist Dino Cazares joined in on the action and sent some shirts flying into the packed crowd from the 2nd stage.

Before our #TacoMetalParty and their concert, Melissa and I got chance to say what’s up to and bow down to the masters of Metal… the almighty Black Sabbath! Their music will live on AFTER FOREVER!

As far as our party, holy crap we outdid ourselves this year!  Last year’s #TacoMetalParty at Knotfest was one for the record books, this one blows that out of the water!  We had all the dudes from Suicide Silence co-host party, and we also debuted new music in front of all guests from their upcoming February release.  There was well over 300 VIPs who showed up including Ozzy, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, members of Slipknot, Disturbed, Suicidal Tendencies, Hatebreed, Huntress, Valora and more!  We even had fans jump the fence and get chased down by security!  

The tacos from Borracho Tacos were a huge hit, as were the ice cold Modelos, and our famous #SatansJizz drink featuring Riazul tequila margaritas infused with fresh jalapeños and cucumbers.  We even got a cake for the occasion from our friends from LA’s Cakes From The Crypt and presented to fest organizer and dear friend John Reese.

Finally on Sunday, after shaking off the night before and blowing brown boogers from my nose (so much DUST!!!??!), I got up on stage and sang a new song “Doris” with close friends Suicide Silence in front of the largest crowd I’ve ever performed to. I was nervous before, but when it was finally happening it felt AWESOME!  I gave it my all and got super into it!


It’s a song that I sing on the new self titled album that was produced by famed producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, KoRn, Sepultura) that’s coming out next year through Nuclear Blast Records.  What a rush to see Randy Blythe, singer from Lamb Of God, side stage taking pictures of us during the jam session.  He texted me this killer pic after the set.


All in all the entire OzzFest Meets Knotfest experience is something that I’ll never forget.  The icing on the cake was this email from Sharon Osbourne, which makes my heart melt!  Love her too much!



Thanks to Black Sabbath, Slipknot, John Reese, John Fenton, Cory Brennan, all my friends who helped big time (Sonny, Amie, Tony, Amber, Ali, Brandon, Michael, Brent, Ray, Team Modelo, Inaki from Riazul, Gary from QSC, Shawn from SiriusXM), and all of you Metal fans who continue to fly the flag for our music day after day!  


See some of you at our next #TacoMetalParty for Testament that we’re having at our #AfflictionStudios in Seal Beach on Sat 10/22!


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  • Well-Z: October 06, 2016

    Fucking awesome brother – I’m coming next year! \m/\m/

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