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5 KILLER Metal Bands From Surprising Countries

Posted on 15 May 2017

Check out some killer metal music from the following bands located all around the world:

• Chthonic (Taiwan)

As a representation of their home country, Chthonic mixes the mystical images of the Orient along with contemporary technological and city based imagery of the country through their lyrics. They base their music off of the history, mythology, and folklore of the Taiwanese culture and incorporate a mix of both traditional Taiwanese instruments with symphonic dark metal, calling it their own genre of "orient metal". Chthonic has played all around the world, including venues and events in the US, UK, Japan, and Germany. 

• District Unknown (Afghanistan)

For District Unknown, playing any type of music in Afghanistan is a risk, certainly with metal. They named their band based off of the 2009 Oscar nominated sci-fi/political film District 9. Due to a fear of being targeted by religious extremists, they would often wear masks during performances to remain anonymous to any potential threats. To continue on the fight to this day is nothing short of inspirational and badass. 

• Al-Namrood (Saudi Arabia)

Under similar conditions with District Unknown, the Saudi Arabian band Al-Namrood cannot even play a live show without the fear of being executed. Translating to "non-believer", Al-Namrood's purpose is to release the built up frustration through music, which is why black metal was the way to go. They have been fed up with the religious society dictating every citizen's life from birth and onwards. Through all the struggles of achieving instruments and trying to record songs, they still somehow manage to get it done. Take a look!

• Demonic Resurrection (India)

From Mumbai, Demonic Resurrection has soared to popularity as a blackened death metal band started by a few teenagers. They now have released 4 albums, and are known to be the face of Indian metal to a global audience. They include classic death metal motifs in their music, including shrieking vocals, distorted guitars, and double bass drumming. A lot of their music contains messages related to the Hindu religion and its gods. Check out the acclaimed Indian band below!

• Melechesh (Israel)

Based out of Jerusalem, Melechesh was started by Ashmedi as he experienced a war torn society of violence and death. Music was the way to escape, and was used as an aggressive response to mask over the personal and communal noise. Melechesh is a self-described "Mesopotamian metal" band and include occult themes. 


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