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March 04, 2020 4 min read

Killer Rock and Roll Outfits for Ladies

Rock n’ roll fashion for women has been around for many decades. While some aspects of the rocker chick look are timeless, other components come and go in waves. What doesn’t change is the edginess and effortlessly cool vibe of a rocker ensemble. It’s a fierce and rebellious look that can be donned on occasion or worn as everyday apparel. 

So, what do rock and roll outfits for ladies look like today? Here’s everything you need to know about the current rock and roll clothing dress code, including a few go-to outfit ideas.

Rock and Roll Outfit Ideas for Women

When it comes to rock and roll outfits for ladies, the looks draw inspiration from various rock music genres. This includes grunge, punk, metal, and alternative rock. It’s all about wearing clothes with a conviction for a fearless, daring appeal.

Whether you’re heading to a concert or just want to know how to pull off rock-inspired streetwear, consider the following rock and roll outfit ideas for ladies.

The Grunge Look

Grunge fashion aligns with the 90s music genre, which pulls from the clothing styles worn by band members at the time. The trend embraces worn-down denim, vintage t-shirts or a band tee, plaid flannel, ripped tights, and oversized sweaters. 

For this rock and roll outfit for ladies, there are a couple of directions you can take. For a classic gender-neutral grunge look, opt for a pair of ripped or faded jeans and a vintage (or retro-inspired) short-sleeve tee. Then wear a plaid flannel button-down over the t-shirt for warmth or tied it around your waist for a laid back touch. Wearing relaxed-fit jeans with a simple crop top or spaghetti-strap tank is another easy grunge rock chick outfit idea.

Alternatively, you could nod to Courtney Love, the lead singer of Hole and rocker fashion icon of the era. Her signature grunge look often included a babydoll dress with ripped tights and an oversized coat.

The Punk Look

Although grunge fashion was partially inspired by punk rock music, it’s a clothing style of its own. The punk fashion movement began in the 70’s and remained a prominent subculture through the 80’s. Where grunge embraced plaid flannel pieces, punk was more about tartan. On top of that, it incorporated more black pieces and metal accents such as safety pins and silver jewelry.

To nail a punk rocker outfit, a tartan skirt or dress will make a bold impression. Similar to the grunge look, you can wear ripped tights underneath, or even fishnets, which are a punk style staple. Instead of tights, a fishnet shirt or gloves are another killer option. Jeans also work for women’s punk outfits, whether it’s pants, denim shorts, or a skirt. As for shoes, we recommend flat-soled high-top sneakers or lace-up combat boots.

The Black-on-Black Look

Rocker fashion for women is nothing if it wasn’t for black clothing. That’s why one of our favorite rock and roll outfits for ladies is the black-on-black look. It’s chic, flattering, and edgy all at the same time. An all-black outfit is easy to throw together, and it’ll make an audacious statement, no matter where you’re headed. The best part about this casual rock chick style is that you can include almost any piece, as long as it’s black.

For a girlier vibe, consider a short black skirt in tulle or satin. Wear it with black tights and a fitted black shirt. To finish the look, sport a black leather jacket and black sneakers or ballet flats. Another option is skinny jeans with a black screen-printed t-shirt and either lace-up leather boots or simple black trainers. And of course, a few black accessories are a must.

The Girly Rocker Look

The girly rocker aesthetic is more of a glammed-up rock and roll outfit idea for ladies. This look calls for integrating some feminine colors and pieces with edgier items, like a biker jacket. In fact, any of the three rock and roll outfit ideas above can be tweaked to embrace a girly-glam vibe.

Add in an embellished band t-shirt or hot-pink fishnets instead of black. A tulle skirt is always an excellent option if you’re looking to make an outfit more feminine. We also love the look of black or white lace detailing on an ensemble, or even a lace shirt or dress. You could also do something as simple as adding a bow to your hair with an all-black outfit. 

The ideal is to balance out the brasher pieces with soft, girly items. So, don’t be afraid to rock combat boots or a leather jacket if that’s what’s speaking to you.

Rock n’ Roll Fashion for Women from Designer Living

If your inner rocker is dying to come out, these rock and roll outfit ideas will help you let loose and express your head-banging personality. At Affliction Clothing, we’re leaders in the realm of alternative fashion. We carry eye-catching apparel for both men and women with daring, on-the-edge lifestyles.

To join the movement and embrace your afflictions, browse our collections today.

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